Hello and welcome! I’m Erin, a professional pet photographer, animal mad, crazy cat lady, dog lover extraordinaire. I’m the girl who always stops to meet a new dog on my walk, and the girl who will cuddle the cat at the party instead of socialising. I believe that pets are people too, and that there is no better feeling in this world than when your pet greets you after a long hard day. I believe that Melbourne is one of the most beautiful, pet friendly cities in the world, and that I am incredibly lucky to live here. To get to know me better, head on over to my info page, and have a browse through my portfolio. Then make yourself a cuppa, sit down and relax with your pet, and have a read of my blogThen come on over and say hello - I’m excited to hear from you!


Me with my little dude Justin B. Pretty sure this is the pet equivalent of “Mum, this is embarrassing”