Meet Erin



I come from a long line of animal nuts – my Granny and Grandpa were forever bringing home strays, and my mum and dad always ended up with the neighbourhood cats that nobody else wanted. Even as a baby, I loved nothing more than spending time with the family pets (whether they liked it or not). I loved watching David Attenborough documentaries growing up, and always thought I’d end up as a marine biologist (turns out I’m no good at science), a zookeeper, or a wildlife photographer.


Cat Lady Since ’85

I’ve been photographing pets professionally in Melbourne since 2011 – and it’s been a wild ride of muddy paw prints, kitten snuggles, laughter, love, and loss. I have seen the true unconditional love, total heartbreak, and pure joy that pets bring, and I feel so privileged that people trust me to record these precious memories for them.

I am currently owned by two very beautiful (and very not bright) rescue cats – Justin Bieber and Bertie. Their nicknames are in no particular order – Derp Derp, Bertie Bean, B, Handsome Beanie, JB, Biebs, Handsome Man, and Handsome Guy, to name a few.

When I’m not photographing pets, you can find me running, hiking up hills, on or in the sea, drinking wine with good friends, and travelling to new and exciting places


My boys – also known as The Derps

So let’s chat, and see what memories I can make for you and your pet – head on over and say hi!