Sneak Peek – Weimeraners In The Mist

It was 5 degrees this morning, but I think you’ll agree that the fog made a pretty damn awesome backdrop for Spencer’s photoshoot!

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Sam The Pomerian

Crisp air, falling leaves, and golden light are three of the reasons that Autumn is my favourite season (well, tied with summer really). If you add an adorable fuzzy little Pomeranian in the mix, then you’ve got the recipe for an almost perfect photoshoot!

Sam’s shoot was out in the Templestowe, Melbourne – close to the city, but with absolutely amazing properties, with lots of space for running around in. There was a even a small creek running through the garden, but to be honest we spent most of our time convincing Sam not to jump in, or at least not until his photos were done.

Believe it or not, Sam is 12 years old, which is about 65 years of age in human years! Despite this, he rang rings around us the whole time, wagging his fluffy tail and never wiping the smile off his face. He absolutely loved jumping through the leaves, sniffing around the ground, and getting belly rubs.

Sam is also one of those dogs that just adores everyone, straight away we were the best of friends. His mum said that she once took him to a nursing home, and within minutes people who hadn’t spoken all week were all over him, chatting away and smiling. The only hint that he’s getting on in years are the hints of white near his nose.

Thank you Jessie, for having me over to photograph Sam, I think it was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever had!


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Lola and Oliver

As a card carrying crazy cat lady (CCCCL), when I got an email asking if I was interested in photographing a Bengal and a British Shorthair kitten, my response was “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME YES YES YES” (I think I was more professional than that, but only just).

Lola (British Shorthair) and Oliver (Bengal) are two of the cutest little sausages I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Oliver was your typical crazy Bengal – running around all over the place, hunting string, murdering the feather toy.

Lola on the other hand spent most of her time just being a cat – posing, rolling around on the rug, and ignoring me. At the end, they curled up together and fell asleep snuggling sweetly.

Thank you Lauren, for having me over to photograph your babies, they really were so much fun! If you’re interested in a shoot for your fur kids, click here to send me and email or head on over to my contact page to say hello



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Introducing Iris – Melbourne Dog Adoption – Paws & Tails Rehoming

Beautiful Iris has so much love to give, that she even has a heart on the end of her nose!

Iris is deaf, and will need a very special home with someone who will keep her entertained with lots and lots of walks and playtime, and who will invest the time in her training to show her that new people aren’t so scary. Despite her deafness, Iris knows commands such as sit and come, and today she even mastered drop! She was quite keen on all the other dogs at the park today, there was lots of butt sniffing. Because of her deafness, she can’t go off lead, but she makes up for it by playing soccer with her foster mum on a very long leash instead.

She is quite wary of strangers – when I turned up for our shoot today she was quite hesitant of me. After a few treats, pats, and promise of walkies, she came round, but she will need someone willing to build her trust. She is very protective of her foster mum, and would do anything for her as you can see below.

This sweet girl has had a tough start and would love nothing more than to find her perfect home. If you would like to find out more about Iris, please contact PAT (Paws and Tails) Rehoming to see if she is right for you.


Mastering her “drop” command – such a clever girl!


Bonding with her foster mum

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Tasmania Wildlife

I’ve just gotten back from a week in Tasmania – apart from the amazing hiking and gorgeous scenery, one of the highlights was seeing so much beautiful wildlife, including meeting a Tassie Devil for the first time. He’d been hit by a car and is now a permanent resident at the local wildlife sanctuary. The first little guy was my companion while I was camping out in the middle of nowhere at Freycinet National Park. He’d been in a fight so I nicknamed him Bruiser. He was extremely sweet and quite happy for me to sit close by and observe him.

Bruiser the Wallaby – he kept me company while I was camping in Freycinet

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