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JoJo the Princess

Josie, aka JoJo, aka Madam – fifteen years old, deaf (selectively), blind (partially), beautiful (totally). This senior gal came to live with Ian two years ago, after her owner passed away. Before he went, he asked Ian to take care of Josie, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Now she lives a life of luxury in Adelaide, with regular weekend escapes to the country.

JoJo may be slightly lacking in the sight and hearing department, but there sure isn’t anything wrong with her appetite, the doggy chocolate drops disappeared as quickly as I could produce them! Someone (not me, really) sneaked her a couple of bits of salami from the cheese platter too. 

There is always something that little bit extra special when I’m photographing senior dogs, sure there are a few challenges with mobility etc, but what really shines through is just how much they mean to their humans – photo shoots are a chance to celebrate their lives and their bond with their humans, and to tell stories about them and just generally laugh and love. It’s a privilege to be able to do this for people.

If you’ve got a special senior (or junior!) you’d like photographed, shoot me an email or say hi via my contact page

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Winnie the Senior Staffy

I’ve always loved the saying “My favourite breed is rescue” – and Winnie the senior rescue staffy just sums up why. Sweet natured, loving, and you can see the gratitude in her eyes whenever she is shown love and kindness (which is all the time, seriously look how beautiful she is!)

Recently Winnie’s foster mum found out she’s borrowed time due to a very large tumour on her liver. So Winnie is working her way through her bucket list! So far she’s had icecream, a massage, and her paws have been moulded. And now she can add being a super model and a trip to the beach to the list. 

A big thank you to her foster mum Courtney for having me photograph Winnie, she’s the absolute best. If you would like to make a donation to help dogs like Winnie, please head on over to @projectunderdogrescue on insta to find out more or buy an awesome gift from their online store

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Rusty – A Shoot Filled With Love

From the moment I spoke to Lucy on the phone, I knew that I was in for a wonderful shoot. I could hear the love and adoration in Lucy’s voice as she described her girl Rusty, and the fact it was an anniversary gift for her husband made it all the more special. It’s always so special when client’s give me creative licence and trust me to shoot what I see fit, and Lucy really let me have creative reign. Rusty has a beautiful range of facial expressions – you can see how smart, loving, and aware she is.

We shot in a local dog park, early on a weekday and had the place to ourselves. Spring has been very mild here in Melbourne, so we still have plenty of gorgeous greenery to work with. Rusty was so well behaved and gentle, and we all walked away from the shoot with full hearts (and in Rusty’s case, tummy).

The end result was one of my favourite shoots to date – I feel so blessed to be trusted with this work, and seeing the joy on Lucy’s face when she saw the final result was so special. Thank you to Lucy and family for being such an absolute joy to work with!

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Melbourne Puppy Photography – Special Spring Offer

If you love puppies (and if you don’t quite frankly why are you here), then you’ll love this special offer for spring – book a session for your puppy (6 months and under), and receive their adult session for free!*


What to expect from a puppy session? Lots of laughs, cuddles, play time, chaos, probably a bit of pee and drool, and above all beautiful photos of those precious early years. Want to book? Shoot me an email or head on over to my contact page




*prints and products purchased desperately 

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Rusty The Irish Terrier

A little preview of Rusty – this sweet girl could not have been more well behaved for her shoot!

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